Manifesting Your Dream World   Paperback

Manifesting Your Dream World Paperback

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God created us with a plan for us to dominate life in the name of Jesus Christ and by the aid of the Holy Ghost here on earth. However, many believers are merely just existing. They have abandoned their hopes and dreams in the face of trials and adversity. This book is a response to an urge in my spirit to share truths from God’s Word that will help restore you back to His original plan. This is your reigning moment!

This power-packed book is filled with divine principles that will teach you how to manifest the desires within your spirit in the realm of the physical. I know as a Prophet of God that this book is going to be a blessing to you. As you indulge in the knowledge of the power in you, remember Proverbs 15:23, "... a word spoken in due season, how good is it!" I declare this to be a word spoken in due season for you to amend, rebuild and recreate the circumstances of your life to suit what you desire in Jesus’ name!